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26 – 27 March.




Bob the Builder



Number of Participants in one team: - Minimum: 2 // Maximum: 4


Registration Fee: 200/- per team


Event heads:-

Siddheshwar Narole  -   9767471947

Bhargavi Patil              -  8793788701

Harshal Deshpande   -   8237785998






Competition on ‘Tensegrity: Island of compression in sea of tension’

Right from its conception in the year 2017 BTB promotes learning innovative design concepts through physical and computational model making. Owing to the wide scope of innovations in tensegrity form, this year BTB is organizing a model making competition on Tensegrity Towers, apparently first of its kind in India.


of tension. Not only fascinating in its appearance a poolTensegrity stands for tensional integrity. Tensegrity structures have discontinuous compression members suspended in , these structures also possess structurally robust characteristics. Many of nature’s creations as muscle-skeletal systems, planetary systems under gravity, manifest themselves in tensegrity form. Tensegrity form has been widely used in Space and Civil Engineering applications.

  1. The participants have to prepare a stiff tower in tensegrity form for the competition on 26th March within a stipulated time period based on the problem statement.

  2. Materials (wooden sticks and elastic material) required will be provided to participants on the spot.

  3. The information and videos of making tensegrity structure will be shared with participants on the WhatsApp group once registration is confirmed.

  4. The problem statement and judging criteria will be released a few days before the actual event.

  5. Students from different institutes can form the team.


This event gives you a perfect platform for showcasing your creativity and also gives you the best opportunity to explore the novel form of structure. We cordially invite you to participate in this competition that would leave you spellbound for sure..!


























Tensegrity Structure (For reference)

This is a video tutorial to build a 3-strut tensegrity structure. Do not miss this video as it contains important tricks & tips which will help participants to build the basic building block for tensegrity structure.

This is one of the possible forms of Tensegrity tower.

Do read it once!!

This is a second possible form of tensegrity tower made by team Bob the Builder.

If you find any difficulties in making this tensegrity tower contact :
Sanket - 9763324356
Pratik - 8007024466


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