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Message by Convenors

It gives us immense pleasure and pride to inform that MIT Pune is now MIT World Peace University, a unique of its kind, offering quality education for the global sustainability, peace, happiness, and development of vibrant youth. A grandeur event "NIRMITEE 2019" is organized by our Civil Engineering Students Association (CESA) team. The word 'CIVIL' reflects that demonstrating 'CHARACTER IS VERY IMPORTANT IN LIFE' should be the mandate of each and every Civil Engineer, in his entire spectrum of professional service to the nation.


On one side, the strengths of the Civil Engineering profession lie in the development and the use of modern construction materials, innovative methods & processes, machines, technologies, and systems; coupled with the optimization efforts. This requires competent Techno-commercial- managerial human resources. On the other hand, the challenges include fundamental weaknesses such as not adhering to the professional ethics, resorting to corruption, the absence of effective leadership, construction disputes and sustainability issues, exhibited by a few people.


NIRMITEE 2019 is thus an honest, committed effort for inspiring, motivating and mobilizing the youth talent in this venture. CESA believes in sensitizing the youth of India by inculcating the values and principles based on “ Millenium Development Sustainable Goal’s (MDSG’s) ” as a part of the competition. Rural India needs to be strengthened by way of a comprehensive inclusive growth. This will be achieved by providing infrastructure, affordable housing and other amenities on a fast track. Our best wishes to all the participants who have aspirations and who will make NIRMITEE 2019 an immemorable event.


Congratulations, Organising Committee for your untiring efforts!

Prof. Dr. Mrudula Kulkarni

H.O.D. Civil Engineering Department

MIT World Peace University

Prof. Dr. Sunil. S. Pimplikar

H.O.D Civil Engineering Department

Maharashtra Institute of Technology,Pune