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                                                                    NIRMITEE 2018

                                                  26 – 27 March.






                                                                        . . . Where is the finished line?



Maximum Number of Participants: 4

Registration Fee: 200/- per team

Event Heads: Devesh Deshmukh- 9028667640

                            Samiksha Karandikar- 9822628935




Surveying has been a cornerstone of civil engineering project planning and execution for centuries. To execute anything the first step is to set it out on the site. This set out plan gives the foundation to the upcoming structure. To get this line-out done with least possible tolerance is the real skill of an engineer. To test this skill Nirmitee presents Line ‘Em Out which is an opportunity to budding engineers.



Teams may consist of a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 4 participants per group.



Materials provided :

  • One 20” theodolite

  • One standard tripod

  • One plumb bob

  • One 20m measuring tape

  • Two ranging rods

  • Stopwatch (a wristwatch is acceptable, but cell phones are not allowed)

  • Pegs, nails

  • Lime powder

  • One nylon string

  1. The completion will be timed. Time will start before any equipment has been assembled or placed. No writing may be done before time begins. Time will stop when the team turn in their calculations and problem statement is completed.

  2. A sheet consisting of a problem statement will be provided for each team to use. No other paper may be used for calculation.

  3. Teams must bring their own writing materials.

  4. No other instrument will be provided.

  5. Reference point will be provided for starting the work.

  6. Instruments should be handled with utmost care.



Disqualification will result from:

  • Failure to complete the task within stipulated time limit.

  • Failure to set out the given problem statement.

  • Using materials not included in the list above.



  • Teams will be ranked according to their accuracy in setting out the given problem. Time will be rounded to the nearest second.

  • In the event of a tie, submitted calculations will be judged according to the completion time of the respective team.



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