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26 – 27 March.






Maximum Number Of Participant: 3

Registration Fee: 150/-

Event Heads:  Aniket Patil - +91 8087206204

                                Vrushab Bafna - +91 8668545727





SmartCrete is the event to judge your Concrete Mix Design skills.




The Problem Statement will be disclosed on 21st March on the website: www.mitnirmitee.com



  1. Participant will have to draft Design mix of cement mortar according to the specifications in the problem statement.

  2. Three cubes of dimensions 70mmx70mmx70mm have to be cast in their respective college laboratory.

  3. Any grade of cement can be used for mortar mix.

  4. Admixtures in any form are NOT to be used at all.

  5. Only Flyash can be used as a full or partial replacement for cement.

  6. We are focusing more on innovative ideas for optimizing the mix and formulation of high strength mortar.

  7. Date of casting should be mentioned clearly on cubes.

  8. Compressive strength of cubes after 3 Days of Curing will be measured using compressive testing machine.

  9. Every group should bring the mix design report and should be able to clearly explain it.

  10. Participants should also prepare cost analysis for their mix design.

  11. The decisions of judges will be binding and final.


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Problem Statement